Lindflora Aps is a Danish company situated in Odense on Funen.
The company's conceptual framework was made 2006, and became a reality in 2009.

The company is among the leaders in seed, in vitro, seedlings, small plants and messy semi-finished products.
Lindflora are among the leaders in sales and innovation for plant products for professional gardeners in Europe.

Through our partners around the world, Lindflora draw on more than 50 year’s experience in sales of small plants to the gardening industry.

Lindflora want to be an innovative company who are constantly at the forefront of product development and simultaneously the cutting edge within our niche.

This is ensured through innovation and collaboration with Danish and foreign breeders. All our ideas developed from ide to product in Europe, or produced in low-wage countries where they can be competitive, with focus on Fairtrade. Lindflora’s focus on outsourcing, and our suppliers are specially selected, this is one of the cornerstones of our business, and the core of our success.

Lindflora puts great emphasis on logistics, since this is an important factor when moving plants and organic products to customers across Europe.

We ensure you professionalism and always a positive spirit.

Our motto: Success – ready – steady - go

With best regards
Henrik Lind