Early varieties


Spartan is a moderate growing plant with very strong canes. It will reach a maximal height of 2 meters. Ripening starts together with Duke, about the last week of June. Berries are very large, light blue and have a wonderful sweet aroma. It need very good drainage.


Duke is good growing varieties with strong canes. It’s one of the most planted varieties now in Europe, because of earliness, good yield, and quality of the fruit. The berries are firm, big light blue and they have a good taste.
Flowering is late, which will reduce chance of frost damage. Needs good drainage.


Patriot is a normal growing productive varieties. The bush has open structure with fairly strong canes which reach up to max. 2 meters. Ripening starts very early, normally from 1th of July. Patriot gives big berries with a good taste. It’s one of the few varieties which is resistant to phytoftera.

Mid early varieties


Draper is one of the best varieties. It’s a very productive, early midseason varieties, which grows very good. The berries hang in loose clusters, are light blue, very firm, and a good taste. The berries can be picked in 2 or 3 times. It’s very suitable for machine picking. It can be stored very good due to its exceptional quality.


It’s a very strong growing varieties with strong canes. Berries ripen about one week later than Duke, size of the berries is medium, firm with a good aroma. It’s a very good variety for machine harvest.


Bluecrop is one of the most productive varieties. Growth very good with softer canes, they will hang when the berries are ripening. First picking in the second week of July, lasting about 4 weeks. Berries a large, light blue, with a fresh, mild and little acid taste.


Chandler is a late midseason variety; the bush grows upright with very strong canes. Productive, with exceptional large berries. The size is larger than 20 millimeters, and the weight more than 2 grams a berry. Light blue fruit, little flat, with a sweet aroma. One of the varieties with the best taste. Only useful for hand picking, and not good for long storage.

Brigitta Blue

Brigitta is a late midseason variety, which ripens from the end of July until the middle of August. The bush grows strong until 2 meters. Berries are light blue, quality is excellent and firm, very good in CA storage. Needs very good pollination.

Late varieties



Elliot first picking about the middle of August until the middle of September. The bush grows moderate. The berries a medium large, light blue, firm, with a slightly tart taste. Elliott stores up to 8 weeks in CA storage, and is only a little susceptible for anthracnose.


Aurora is the latest variety. It ripens about 5 days after Elliott. The bush is moderately spreading and vigorous. Berries are medium to large, medium blue, with a slightly tart taste. Storage in CA is very good.


Liberty ripens about one week before Elliott. Vigorous, upright to slightly spreading. Medium to large light blue fruit, with a medium acid flavor. Stores very well in CA storage.


Elisabeth is a late variety ripening from the middle of August to the middle of September. Vigorous moderately spreading bush. Fruit is medium blue, medium size, with an outstanding taste. Elisabeth is not suitable for long storage.


Darrow ripens from the middle of August to early September. Vigorous slightly upright, spreading bush, up to 1,50m. Very strong canes. Berries are light blue, very large, a little flat, with an excellent slightly tart flavor. Is not suitable for long storage.