At the foundation of growth.

BVB Substrates is an international partner specialized in the production and development of substrates
for the following segments:

• Soft fruit
• Horticulture
• Mushroom
• Tree Nursery
• Landscaping
• Retail

Customers of BVB Substrates only receive top quality substrates and service. Always on time and on the right place. As promised!
This is what we call: At the foundation of growth!

All substrates produced by BVB substrates benefit from years of experience, thoroughly testing and feedback from our team of research people, consultants and interactive discussions with the growers. We have the perfect substrate for each cultivation method, each system and each grower. Tailor made.

The newest information we can give, is that BVB Substrates is now ready for delivery directly from our own factory in Sweden. This is making us very competitive in price and quality.

BVB Substrates: Reliable, Committed and Innovative!